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Professional audio services



Relaxed vocal room with autocue & video display for dubbing


Produced to the industry standard specification


A vast library & custom made production service


Script writing & directing along with talent & location sourcing

High quality audio is essential to all projects. Clarity of speech and engaging delivery, combined with appropriate music and sound effects, can add that essential sparkle to a production that ensures it has the desired impact.

We have also built our own comfortable and relaxed studio and assembled a vast resource of music and effects to fit every type of production need.

We offer the ideal environment to serve the needs of the rapidly growing audio book market and produce a final product to the required specification of Audible and other specialist audio publishers. Whether you wish to read yourself, or would like us to help source a professional VOA or celebrity to read for you, 

We fully understand the limitations that many organisations and charities work under and can tailor a high quality production for your organisation to suit your budget.

Whatever your AV needs we can help you plan develop and produce the production you need.

We are very happy to work in the education and charity sectors, where we understand that the need is important but budgets are tight! Please talk to us about your challenge.

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